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Cassie from Missouri

posted Jan 11, 2016, 1:08 PM by Yicheng Li   [ updated Jan 26, 2016, 11:07 AM by Donna Li ]

Our daughter was born 3 months early, weighing only 1lb. 4oz (590 grams). It is a miracle to have her with us today, a toddler, growing stronger and healthier daily!

Her life has not been without struggles. Among them are breathing and eating issues, common among premature children. She burns a very large amount of calories doing normal activities, as her lungs are still healing and growing.

Nanny meal has been such a blessing to us! We use the Nanny Meal shakes to supplement her daily calorie needs. This is in addition to breast milk and table food that she already eats. Because her calorie needs are higher, we mix 7oz of water to 4 scoops of Nanny Meal and add 1oz of full fat coconut milk.

It might help others to know that Nanny Meal can be warmed and run through a gastrostomy tube (stomach feeding tube) if needed as well! Just be sure to rinse anything you may reuse between feeds.

We tried the mainstream "Complete Meal" Pediasure, per professional suggestion. And not only did I hate the taste (I test what goes into my child, first). But it came with all kinds of disclaimers when it was suggested. ("It could cause reflux or other allergy symptoms, rashes, ezcema. She may react to the sugar amount, at first. It may cause constipation or motility issues....")

What happened when we tried Nanny Meal? It smells and tastes AMAZING! There was no "sugar high / sugar crash." Not only was she NOT constipated, but extremely regular with very healthy stool. There were no reflux burps, hiccups, or breath. We had no signs of sensitivity with skin. In fact, she gets compliments on her healthy and fast healing skin. She is glowing and happy. And she has grown more in the last month, since we started Nanny Meal, than any other month of her life! It is working. And she is her HEALTHIEST, yet!

Thank you, Dr. Donna, for providing the perfect nutrition for our daughter!
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