Green Packaging

Nanny Meal is excited to announce it will be the first company on planet earth, aside from its founder Gaia Herbs, to use the Earth Bottle.

Although the bottle may look plastic, the Earth bottles are made from plant and earth based materials and 100% natural resources.  Unlike all plastic containers, the Earth Bottle does NOT contain petroleum based ingredients.  Earth bottle is reusable and sustainable.  

Earth Bottle and Nanny Meal are excited about this "partnership" in using green packaging for a healthier environment. Green packaging is the wisest choice for containers and for the environment.

Don't throw away the Earth Bottle!  Re-Use It. Feel good about storing food in a plant based, unbreakable, and light container.  A few ideas for ways to re-use:
  1. Shells at the beach.
  2. Small kids trinkets, stickers, erasers, kid scissors.
  3. Small craft items like beads, buttons.
  4. Kids play jewelry or hair barrettes.
  5. Make it a piggy bank!  Drill a small hole in the top.  Kids can easily twist the top open.
  6. Decorate it and give it away with home made goodies for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines.
  7. On the go dry snacks:  Veggie chips, popcorn, trail mix, dehydrated fruits and vegetables.