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The Story of Nanny Meal

One day in November 2013, I made a call to a popular manufacturer of children’s “nutritional” drinks.  Since nutritional biochemistry is the cornerstone of Naturopathic Medicine, I had been reading nutritional labels for years and knew the popular drinks for kids were not healthy.

The product in question was specifically marketed for the allergic child and contained petrochemicals, GMO ingredients, and three of the top food allergens: cow dairy, soy, and corn. These three ingredients make up over 60% of the product.  It also contains added nutrients in forms known to be poorly absorbed or toxic such as the carbonate form of calcium.  Calcium carbonate is derived from oyster shell and potentially contaminated with toxins such as lead.

As I sat at the kitchen table after a candid discussion about this particular children's drink,  I had a light bulb moment.  If there was not a complete nutritional drink available that was high quality and  low allergenic potential, then I wanted to create one. I felt God say, go for it!

My vision was not only to make an easy to digest, low allergic drink, but also a complete nutrient rich “meal”.  I wanted to create a powerhouse of digestible nutrients in one glass.  I decided to custom compound a specific recipe of nutrients not found in goat milk such as:  Folate (active form), Vitamins C, D, E, and select B Vitamins.  Additional nutrients like Inositol and Glycine were also added.

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